Attic Bedrooms Design Ideas

This topic covers Attic Bedrooms Design Ideas . There are several ways of decorating attics into a functional room of choice in any design style of choice. Ranging from modern to traditional and country to contemporary design styles, one can easily give their attics a look that tells a story about them both in terms of personality and physical traits. For instance, a blonde homeowner with hazel eyes would use blue, beiges and browns to decorate their attic. Whether one needs an extra bathroom, bedroom, resting space, living room, music room or any other desired interior room, they can easily design and transform this space into their dream room.

How to Decorate an Attic

Parents with a toddler can transform their attic into a safe room where their little one can crawl around and play without fear of being in danger. A beige floor, green fabrics, white walls and ceiling as well as wood tones make this attic child-friendly while the mirror reflects light in the room. When the room is in use, the mirror must always be kept away. The French style window and lighting fixture ensure that the room is well lit; the use of the two eliminates glare that could affect the toddler’s sight. The warm and fluffy area rug that covers the whole floor provides comfort to the child to ensure that they do not hurt their knees while crawling all over the place.

How to Decorate an Attic

A warm, bright and cozy living room in the attic is the place one would want to spend their free time when indoors. Two brown stylish armchairs, a white ottoman and an area rug is all that is required to furnish this room for elegance. The potted plants and seats placed in strategic places around the room look great against the beige backdrop of a wall. The beige curtains match the color theme while the window and the skylights illuminate the attic with natural light.                                                                               

How to Decorate an Attic

No home is complete without a bathroom and having an extra one designed in the attic is a plus. This vintage bathroom in an attic is perfect for a country style home. White ceramic tub and sink complement the white walls to tone down the wood tone hues on the floor, door, surface holding the ceramic sink as well as trims. The skylight comes in handy to light up the space while the mirror reflects the bathroom items making them appear double hence creating the illusion that this bathroom is spacious.                                                                                   

How to Decorate an Attic

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