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Zebra leather pattern seems to be exotic pattern found in the earth. It has unique motif of diagonal stripes in black and white. No wonder that many fields are interested to incorporate it onto their project such as fashion and home design. We know exactly that benefiting animal life for something we love is forbidden since they may be extinct someday. And our grandchildren will never know them in the future. Utilizing leather replica of zebra and others is the best action to preserve environment. Thus, let’s apply the uniqueness of exotic zebra leather with different innovative of its color in brown zebra living room ideas.

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Brown zebra living room ideas may be a unique home interior design to consider. Basically, living room is kind of imperative room in the house. All family members specifically meet each other in this area. It is also able to call as shared room for the family member. Additionally, living room is a place where we can welcome the guests anytime. So that’s why, keeping the living room beautiful is such a good option to decide. Finding brown zebra printed fabric on furniture and accessories is not so hard anyway. You can directly find a set of living room sofa in brown zebra pattern in the home furniture provider. Finally, you only have to choose them wisely to create a chic family room. Generally, you must think that the living room color scheme must be dominated in brown. Fortunately, you don’t have to think about this dull color composition idea. Ideally, you are freely to choose favorite color to cozy the brown zebra living room.

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Baby blue looks elegant to combine with the brown zebra chairs set. Apply the baby blue on the curtain, white on the wall and ceiling, and dark wood color on the sofa with brown zebra motif. Other ideas for brown zebra living room ideas are not always identical with much zebra accent. You are even able to make it as a focal point in the living room for instance, zebra area rug, ottoman, cushions, table lamp and wallpaper and mural.

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Published on November 5, 2012
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