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Extra Tall Bar Stools

Extra Tall Bar Stools: Finding the Right One for a Split-Level Island

What is great about a split-level island is that you can easily hide dirty dishes behind a counter until you are ready to deal with them. This is especially helpful if you feel too tired to clean up after a night of entertaining. The downside of this type of structure, however, is that the eat-in area could end up too tall than the standard size, rising up to 46 inches or more. This would then require extra tall bar stools that can be quite a challenge to find. Not to worry though as more manufacturers are now beginning to understand the need for really high seats. Extra Tall Bar Stools

Normally though, such stools only ranges in height from 33 to 36 inches, which means you may need to have yours customized in order to suit the height of the eat-in bar. What is great about this option is that you can be very creative in your choice of design. Regardless of the style that you want to adopt though, you must ensure that the stools have the basic features. What are they?

  • Backless or not. The choice would depend on what you feel is most comfortable for you. Most homeowners, however, prefer the backless kind as the stools would be easier to store under a counter when not in use. Then again, you can always buy stools with a partial back so you can get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Extra Tall Bar Stools

  • Swivel or stationary. The former makes it easier to get on and off the seat, especially when they are installed under the counter. The latter, on the other hand, is more like regular chairs with really long legs. You would need to push and pull them back when getting on and off them.
  • Shapes. Extra tall bar stools can be round, square, or rectangular. Other contemporary designs may have irregular shapes but still retains the basic forms when it comes to the seats. As for the base or frame, it can take the same shape as the stool or something different. A round-shaped bar stool, for instance, can have three to four legs, or just one with a sturdy base. Extra Tall Bar Stools
  • Materials and finish. Similar to other home furniture pieces, bar stools could be made of a variety of materials too. Vinyl, leather, suede, woven, rush and cloth are just some of the components that can be used for the seats, while wood, chrome, bronze, and brushed nickel for the legs. Stools can be made with one material—from the seat to the legs, or a combination of different components.Extra Tall Bar Stools

Armed with this information, shopping for extra tall stools would be a breeze.

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Custom Bar Countertops

Custom Bar Countertops Made to Meet Your Standards

What is great about having your kitchen tailor-fitted to your preferences is that you get to choose what design to use, regardless if it is too unusual or unconventional. After all, it is your home and you have every right to have it built in any way you please. In the cooking area, one of the many furnishings that you can personalize is the countertops. Custom Bar Countertops

One very good example is the use of travertine just to break away from the usual choices—marble, granite, soapstone, etc. You can then pair it with a sink and faucet that looked like they were discovered by archaeologist and then installed in your kitchen. The ideas presented may seem over the top, but they are just some of the few things that you can accomplish if you opt for custom bar countertops.Custom Bar Countertops

Whichever style or layout you use though, you should not overlook the importance of choosing the best countertop. How do you do that exactly?

  • Surface Maintenance. Because a countertop is where food and drink preparation is done, it should be resistant to bacteria and is easy to clean. Among the various choices of materials, wood is highly recommended as it is naturally antibacterial. Of course, to keep the wood durable and resistant to cracking and chipping, it must be sealed with lacquer. The good news is a bar countertop at home is known to last long compared to those found in commercial establishments as it is unlikely to be used on a daily basis. Unless, of course, if you plan to host a party at your house every night. Only then will you need a heavy duty wood worktop.Custom Bar Countertops
  • Metal or Not. Custom bar countertops can be made of metal too. However, you need to ensure that the material you use is not corrosive and suitable for use in a bar setting. Stainless steel and aluminum are two of the ideal options. The former is fairly aesthetically pleasing and resistant to water damage, while the latter is quite the opposite but a good choice, nonetheless, because of its affordability. If you really want something durable and beautiful at the same time, you can combine wood and metal for countertop material.Custom Bar Countertops

Keep in mind that a bar countertop is different from the usual types of counter as it serves a different purpose. Although you can use either style as a dining area, only one can be used to hold a wine rack, ice maker, and other equipment needed in a small yet functional kitchen bar.

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