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Solutions for Designing Small Interior Spaces

There are various tips and tricks of designing small interior spaces without compromising their look and size. Using furniture of different heights in a small room is one great tip of decorating it to create the illusion of a larger room. This small kitchen makes use of furniture of various heights to create the illusion of a larger space.

Solutions for Designing Small Interior Spaces

Less materials, time and money are needed to decorate small interior spaces. Due to this fact, homeowners can be daring and dramatic by using bold colors to decorate their interior space. The orange color used in this small bathroom makes it look spacious.

Solutions for Designing Small Interior Spaces

Side chairs are light and portable hence can easily be moved around the house or room. They are also small in size making them perfect for furnishing small interior spaces. The room also uses a tone of yellow and white to brighten up the living room, making it appear larger than it really is.

Solutions for Designing Small Interior Spaces

It is also better to use one large furniture in a small living room than having several pieces of furniture that will congest the room, making it look stuffed up and even smaller than it is. In this small family room with a low ceiling, a large leather couch and an armchair are just enough to ensure the room looks larger. The white open cabinet and ceiling brightens the room to create the illusion of the availability of more room. Apart from having the furniture close to the walls, they can also be arranged at the center of the room. The glass window allows enough natural light into the room for a feeling of more space.

Solutions for Designing Small Interior Spaces

Neutral colors such as white are also perfect for small spaces. In this room, the walls and ceiling are painted white thus making the small space appear larger. The love seat is also in white and accentuated with the two throw pillows in brown floral. Love seats are perfect for small spaces instead of going for couches that take up so much space. The white wall-length curtain does not just let in natural light into the room but also makes the ceiling appear higher making the room look larger. The table and cabinet have different heights which is another effort in trying to make the room look larger. The two dark colored fluffy area rugs create contrast in the room.                                                                                    

Solutions for Designing Small Interior Spaces

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Tips on Decorating Interior Spaces in Blue

Blue is a powerful color with strong psychological effects in interior spaces. Though blue is considered a remorseful color associated with cold, it reflects serenity, conservatism, honesty, calmness, loyalty, stability, wisdom and even authority with the latter quality being the reason this color is commonly used on uniforms. Available in various hues ranging from indigo to aqua to sky blue and to navy blue, it is important to know how and when to use this beautiful and cool color for interior decoration before one takes a brush and blue paint and starts painting their walls in this hue.

Tips on Decorating Interior Spaces in Blue

Blue is said to have healing properties. This is clearly explained by chromotherapy or colorology which is also known as light therapy. Light therapy is an alternative health treatment or holistic treatment as commonly referred to as by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians. A lighter hue of blue is believed to relieve one of pain and even soothe various kinds of illnesses. It is also believed to have calming effects making it perfect for decorating bathrooms. Its restorative and light nature will make the bathroom feel quite relaxing.

Tips on Decorating Interior Spaces in Blue

A deep tone of blue is not just exotic but also regal due to its rich celestial hues. This kind of blue tone is perfect for decorating small interior spaces or even feature walls for an enhanced look rich in texture and tone.

Tips on Decorating Interior Spaces in Blue

Blue is also considered a protective color. This is depicted when staircases, cupolas, fences, doors and even the exteriors of certain homes in Europe are painted in a blue hue to keep them from evil forces. Polish women yet to be married were expected to have their homes painted in this hue for protective purposes. When used on doors, it is not just a reflection of trust but also solidity.

Tips on Decorating Interior Spaces in Blue

Blue induces a calming and relaxing effect into bedrooms but in order to keep away the cool feeling that might come with it, wood tones are added for a warm vintage touch. The yellow carpet in this elegant bedroom also warms it up.                                                                   

Tips on Decorating Interior Spaces in Blue

Blue is also known to reduce appetite hence it is a perfect color those looking to cut down some extra pounds gained. They can paint their dining area walls blue or use this color as an accent for their eating space. The antiques and wood  tones used in this room to warm it up.                                                                    

Tips on Decorating Interior Spaces in Blue

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Built in Storage Cabinets

Built in Storage Cabinets as Space-Saving Ideas

A house with limited space does not always have room for unlimited design options. A tiny bathroom, for example, would usually just accommodate a shower, toilet, and sink. Well, what about the storage? Even public toilets have cabinets, why can’t you? For the very reason that there is little room that you can work on. You would be surprised to know what built-in cabinets can do for your bathroom. All it takes is a little creativity and lots of ideas for effective use of space. Built in Storage Cabinets

  • Built in storage cabinets in slim structure. Is there a space on either side of the window built right on top of the sink? If there is, then you can definitely make use of it by building a shelf on that area. It is up to you to decide whether you want an open shelf or closed one. Either way, you will have that storage that you need. For added flexibility though, you may want to combine both options, a closed cabinet on the front area and shelves on the side. Built in Storage Cabinets
  • Adding a slender built-in unit between mirrors. Say the floor layout of the bathroom is rectangular in nature. With proper planning of its design, you can actually make a sort of his and her sink with mirrors above both wash areas. To ensure that no amount of space is wasted, a slender unit built between mirrors is perfect for keeping toiletries at hand. With this furnishing, you need not go anywhere else when shaving or brushing your teeth.Built in Storage Cabinets
  • Built-in recessed units. Do you need storage for towels or stocks of soap and shampoo but the bathroom is way too small for a freestanding cabinet? The best solution for this dilemma is a recessed unit fitted between wall studs. What is great about this design is that you don’t need to worry about clearance on doorways as there are no protruding sides that could become obstructions. You can also use this idea if you want to break the monotony of a wall-to-wall mirror.Built in Storage Cabinets

Aside from these ideas, you can also add built in storage cabinets at the edge or a bathtub. Just make sure that the edge of the shelves does not cause any problems to the person using the tub. On these shelves, you can store towels and other things you may need when soaking in a hot tub. Moreover, the structure would also give a blank wall certain appeal and focal point. Just remember to ensure that the cabinets are securely bolted to the wall.

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Sinks and faucets: making the best choice

Sinks and faucets: making the best choice

Sinks and faucets: making the best choice

Since sinks and faucets often dominate more than one room of the house, it is important that you take the extra time to select the fixtures that are best for you. Indeed, these two appliances are the central hubs of your bathrooms and kitchens and they often determine the overall décor of your house. For instance, a gleaming faucet set above a glass sink will immediately bring an elegant and sophisticated look to your bathroom.

However, making the best choice is much easier said than done: in fact, most of us do feel overwhelmed when faced with the numerous designs of faucets and sinks that exist on the market. So, in order to make an appropriate choice, it’s very important to analyst the various types of sinks and faucets. Sinks and faucets: making the best choice


The good news is that sinks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, hence allowing you to find one that’s perfectly suited to your personal needs and décor.  In fact, most sinks come in single, double or even triple bowl format. Most of the time, you will be able to choose between round, square, apron, angled double or combination bowls. Sinks and faucets: making the best choice

When it comes to selecting the perfect material for your sink, you should try to go for one that is in perfect harmony with your kitchen or bathroom décor. For example, if you have a modern, cutting-edge kitchen, you might want to purchase a sink made in enameled cast iron or stainless steel. Other materials include granite, quartz, porcelain, stone, acrylic or even plastic.

Sinks and faucets: making the best choice


The most popular types of faucets are:

  • Wall-mount:  This is your best choice if you have a rustic or French-country style kitchen. Wall mount faucets are installed right on the wall and as a result, they rarely require deck holes.
  • Ball kitchen:  Ball kitchen faucets are, by far, the cheapest and most popular fixtures on the market. However, keep in mind that, with a lifespan of approximately ten years, they do tend to disintegrate more quickly than other types of faucets.
  • Cartridge faucets: Instead of the classic twisting handle, these faucets are equipped with a device that enables you to control the water pressure by pulling it up or down. These are best suited to busy households.  Sinks and faucets: making the best choice

Like sinks, faucets also come in several materials and finishes. In fact, most of them come in materials such as chrome, enameled plastic, brass, stainless steel or even aluminum. For a homogeneous look, try to select a fixture that matches with your sink, counters and other kitchen or bathroom accents and appliances.

Sinks and faucets: making the best choice

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How to create backsplash in your bathroom

How to create backsplash in your bathroom

How to create backsplash in your bathroom

Your bathroom is that special place where it is more about you than anywhere else in your home.  You may love to soak in the tub or sing under the shower but the bathroom is also the place where you splash the more water and maybe detergent that can affect your wallpaper or floor at some given time.

Why not then do a backsplash for your bathroom to protect your flooring and your walls.  You have a wide variety of materials to use from and create the perfect backsplash for you.

There are two ways to do this; you can either ask for professional help or you can go the handy way and do it yourself.

The first thing that you have to bear in mind is that you have to use a backsplash that will go with the furnishing and décor in the room so that when you do the backsplash it won’t break the uniformity of your bathroom.

What you want in your bathroom is to protect your flooring and your walls but at the same time you want to make your bathroom cute and easy on the eyes.

How to create backsplash in your bathroom

One of the best backsplash materials to use is tiles.  You may want to use tiles of two different styles for the flooring and the walls or you may want to use the same style for the walls.  You can use your backsplash also in the shower where you can use it to protect the walls from the humidity level.

You may want to think of the materials you use and the budget you are going to need before doing your backsplash.  Moreover, you may want to add the backsplash at the moment you are starting to prepare the blueprint for your bathroom.

Ceramic tiles are great to use in the bathroom.  You have various types of ceramic tiles including porcelain or marble.  Ceramic tiles offer two types of ceramic like glazed or unglazed.  A glazed ceramic tile offers finishing whereas unglazed tiles do not have them and it makes them easy to stain; however you may prefer unglazed ceramic tiles for outside.

How to create backsplash in your bathroom

In the end all you need to do for your bathroom is to let your imagination flow and look around for inspiration.  You can create a very neutral look for your bathroom going for tones of white and brown but you can also go for funky looks adding accents to the tiles and creating a more creative backsplash to your room.

How to create backsplash in your bathroom

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Bath, shower or both?

Bath, shower or both?

Bath, shower or both?

Most people dream of having a luxury bathroom that contains a huge bath and shower. However, we have to admit that, realistically speaking, not all of us can afford both fixtures. In fact, in this economy, new home owners often have to choose between either a bathtub or a shower.

So, how do you know which to go for?

In order to make the best choice, it’s recommended to first analyze your budget and determine which of these two fixtures that you can easily afford. Afterwards, it’s extremely important to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of both the shower and the bathtub.

For instance, showers are more suited to small bathrooms, because they tend to take up much less space. In fact, if your bathroom is really compact, then you can even place the shower against a wall to save up on precious floor space.

Bath, shower or both?

Showers are also best suited to busy households, because you only have to step in, turn on the faucet, and you’re done. This is quite a contrast to bathtubs, where you have to wait for the water to fill up first.

There are several types of showers that you may choose from, the most popular being electric and mixer showers. Some people also have a penchant for power showers (also known as rain showers). These fixtures are equipped with a system that heightens water pressure and most of them also carry a massaging option. Bath, shower or both?

If you’re eco-friendly, you can also opt for digital showers since they drastically reduce energy consumption.

However, no shower can really compare to the exquisite luxury of sinking in a hot, scented, foamy bath. Bath, shower or both? This is actually the best option for people who need a break from their hectic, overstressed lives. They also improve the value and aesthetic of the bathroom, and bring a luxurious feel to the home.

Also, it’s important to know that numerous health benefits have been linked to bathtubs. For instance, people who suffer from knee arthritis can experience relief from their symptoms just by soaking in a tub filled with salty hot water.

Bathtubs come in a wide variety of materials. Cooper tubs, for example, are very popular because of their durability and scratch-resistant surface.Bath, shower or both?

Other materials include Acrylic, porcelain and fiberglass. This wide assortment of material actually enables you to find a bathtub that matches with your budget.

So, take these points into consideration before you choose between these two fixtures. Bear in mind that some bathtubs are also equipped with a shower attachment.

Bath, shower or both?

And of course, if you can afford it, you should most certainly go for both a shower and bathtub, because they each have their own advantages.

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How to choose a bathroom countertop?

How to choose a bathroom countertop?

How to choose a bathroom countertop?

The bathroom is one of the most hygienic places you can have in a house next to the kitchen.  However, choosing a countertop or Vanity top for your bathroom can be a worrisome matter. Compared to the kitchen, you want to use a bathroom countertop to create a beautiful look for your bathroom more than you want it to be practical.

When you are remodeling your bathroom, you want to make a statement with the bathroom countertop and use it at the same time to put your sink or put something on it. Choosing the tone and material for your bathroom countertop is the most important thing.

How to choose a bathroom countertop?

First of all, set up a budget for the styles you are looking for. You want to be able to buy the countertop and sink at the same time so you don’t want to go overboard.

For instance, if you are looking for a clean and modern look to your bathroom, you may look for a stainless steel countertop which will fit perfectly with a sleek urban looking bathroom but you have to bear in mind that stainless steel can be affected by water through time and can also have traces of fingerprints on it which will make you have to clean it more often.

How to choose a bathroom countertop?

You can opt for glass countertops too but they too can bear the traces of smudges and fingerprints and are easily breakable while being expensive.  You may, however, if you are in the whole urban look, prefer to use glass tiles.

Granite and marble are natural stones that can be used for a long amount of time; however they are more expensive than glass.  You may consider granite because it is efficient but you have to seal it to protect it from staining.

How to choose a bathroom countertop?

These days, laminate is gaining in popularity concerning bathroom countertops.  Laminate is less expensive than the other materials mentioned above and at the same time it can come in different styles so that may be the option for you.  Tiles too can be used as bathroom countertops but they too vary in style and therefore, in price too.

If you want to go all eco-friendly, you can opt for bamboos but bamboo can stain or change form if it faced to too much water as time goes by.

How to choose a bathroom countertop?

In all, when you are choosing a bathroom remind yourself that you need a bathroom countertop that will fit in your bathroom and won’t disrupt the beauty of it by looking out of place.  Moreover, choose a bathroom countertop that will fit your budget and take in consideration your cleaning time as well as whether the material will be resistant to water and scratches through time.

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It’s time for a bath

It’s time for a bath!!!

Bath time is all about harmony, comfort, relaxation and beauty.

It’s time for a bathNothing beats a nice long shower or a luxurious dip in the bathtub after a grueling day. Therefore, it is of the uttermost importance that your bathroom depicts a perfect oasis of tranquility and peace. With just a few extra touches, you can very easily give a spa-like illusion to your bathroom.


Accessories add a glamorous touch to any bathroom. Glass or crystal bottles will automatically look beautiful on your bathroom shelf. You could also fill them up with your favorite lotion, liquid soap, shampoo or bath salt and place them on a rack alongside your bathtub.

Other beautiful additions include baskets and similar storage devices. Towel racks, open shelves, large scented candles and thick towels will also take your bathroom decoration to the next level.  Instead of the traditional plastic or metal soap dish, you could even buy an elegant marble soap dispenser. This will look wonderful on a marble or glass countertop.

It’s time for a bathAlso, try to avoid regular metal faucets, towel rails and towel rings. If you can afford them, splurge on some brass or bronze accessories for a more polished look. You could also invest in a large, antique mirror that will easily compliment the various features of your bathroom.

If you want to really go all the way, why not consider some decorative soap bars, ornately carved perfume bottles or even a large bowl of fresh or artificial petals?

It’s time for a bath


It is important to harmonize your wall color to the overall décor of the bathroom. Avoid extreme clashes and try to keep an aura of tranquility by matching the textures. Remember that pale blue, pink, ivory and yellow renders an extremely soothing environment. For example, you could match a pink shower curtain to a sparkling ivory bathroom counter and a pale pink, rosebud-patterned wallpaper.  Add two large candles on either side of the counter and you’ve got yourself a classy, calming bathroom.

For a bolder, more contemporary décor, do not hesitate to use brighter colors such as orange, bright yellow, purple or even the unbeatable combination of red and black.

It’s time for a bathRemember that lightning plays an important role in setting a calming mood. Fluorescent lights will give a medical air to the room, so opt for soft yellow lights. The recommended fixtures are small chandeliers and wall sconces. You may even want to scatter small, colorful Led candles on every free surface.


Even the most sophisticated bathroom will look gritty and cheap if it isn’t clean. So be sure to keep every single surface clean, neat and sparkling. A small opaque storage cabinet above the counter can be very useful in storing some of your everyday clutter.

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Ideas to Save Space

Ideas to Save Space

Ideas to Save SpaceIf your home is on the smaller side, it is very easy to create an illusion of airiness and space by adopting just a few storage tricks and tips. Remember that practicality and functionality is the key to saving space. So, start by de-cluttering your home and throw or give away anything that you don’t need or use.

Start with the bathroom…

Many people will find that several bathroom accessories tend to take up a lot of unnecessary space. For instance, instead of finding a special corner to store all your lotions, bath oils, shampoos and other toiletries, you could mount up a glass wall shelf and place everything on there. Apart from saving space, a beautifully carved shelf also adds a touch of classiness to the bathroom.

Ideas to Save SpaceYou could even drill towel bars behind your bathroom door to hold all your washcloths and towels.

Ideas to Save SpaceIf your bathroom is really, really small, do not hesitate to invest in a wall-hung combined toilet and sink design. Those appliances incorporate a sink to the back of your toilet, hence saving quite a bit of space. Another great space-saving tip is to add some magnetic hooks to the inside of your bathroom cabinets: these are extremely efficient in holding up hair bands, mirrors or even scissors.

And finish with the kitchen…

The kitchen is one of the best places to save space. For example, instead of cluttering your workspace, you can easily put up a large shelf or several hooks to hang items such as dish towels, spoons, pots, pans and the likes.

Ideas to Save SpaceIf you have an Island counter, add a couple of bar stools and use the counter as an eating area.

Ideas to Save SpaceA dining table in the kitchen will only take up space, and will prove to be quite unnecessary. Some Islands even provide room underneath them to tuck away the bar stools when not in use.

Also, do not hesitate to add a couple of hanging basket to your décor. In fact, they are not only practical space-savers, but they also add a pronounced rustic charm to most kitchens. You can even use the hanging baskets to store food such as potatoes, onions or apples.

Adding a small, streamlined spice-rack cabinet is guaranteed to save a lot of space, since you wouldn’t have to painfully organize your spices and find a place to store each pot or bottle. With some camouflage techniques, your spice cabinet can easily blend and disappear into the overall background of your kitchen.

Always remember that mirrors never, ever fail to add an illusion of airiness, while giving the impression that the room is much bigger than it actually is.

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How to Design Bathrooms that are Romantic

How to Design Bathrooms that are Romantic

Despite the fact that bathrooms are mainly used for brushing teeth and taking showers or baths, they can also provide the space for couples to share intimate moments together or even relax after a busy day’s work. Romantic, does not necessarily mean luxurious; all bathrooms can be decorated in an attractive and romantic ambience since kind of mood can be created using small details as well as decorating accessories and accents. For instance, candles and petals of rose flowers scattered all over the bathroom is not just romantic but also classic. There are various ideas for creating bathrooms that are decorating.

How to Design Bathrooms that are RomanticThe color red is known to be the color of love and thus associated with romance. A red and light piece of cloth can be placed around the bathtub and an array of candle holders placed on it. Candles and holders of different sizes and colors respectively can also be placed on the cloth around the tub for a romantic feel. Green and blue candle holders can be placed on one side of the tub and on the side of the wall, red and lavender holders placed on the shelf fixed on the wall adjacent to the tub. Red rose petals and a glass of red wine on the tub will also add the romantic mood in the bathroom.

How to Design Bathrooms that are RomanticArranging a dinner for two in a spa or bathroom is very romantic hence perfect for valentines day. Just like the color red, shades of cream are also very romantic. The ambience created by a bathroom or spa that is lit with only candles arranged around the tub creates the romantic ambience needed in the bathroom for the couples to have a great time. Red petals of flowers dropped in the tub with foam is just perfect.

In addition to having rose petals floating on the water in the tub and candles around the tub, the bathroom towels can be used to create a romantic mood. Two white towels are folded well and placed on a white surface in the bathroom. Two pink candles are placed on the towels and pink flower petals scattered on the towels as well as the environment around them. In order to complete the romantic look in the bathroom, three red hearts are incorporated with one on the towels and two just next to the towels.

How to Design Bathrooms that are Romantic

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