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Above Cabinet Lighting

Above Cabinet Lighting and Other Ideas to Enhance Cupboards

The kitchen is more than just a place for preparing meals. The fact that it is considered the heart of the home, it only deserves to be decked out completely and beautifully. If you want to add drama to the kitchen, however, you need to invest on various types of cabinet lighting. Yes, apart from the overhead lights, other types can be added as well to add more flair to the heart of the home. What are they?Above Cabinet Lighting

Above Cabinet Uplights – Apart from illuminating the top of the cupboard, these types of above cabinet lighting also dramatize the ceiling. They add a height to what is supposedly a low ceiling and then visually opens up spaces overhead, making the room appear bigger than it really is.Above Cabinet Lighting Over Cabinet Downlights – Have you ever been to an art exhibit? If you have seen how the paintings are displayed with lights pointing downwards to them, then you have a fairly good idea of how these lights are installed. Instead of a painting, however, what are illuminated are display cabinets or open shelves. When added at the right angle, the downlights will also serve as task lighting on countertops.

Inside Cabinet Lighting – Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find what you are looking for because the inside of the cabinet is too dim? Well, with LED Wafers or Sticks installed inside the cupboard, you won’t have to rummage through a pile of stuff just to find that box of cereal or the salt and pepper shaker. When installed inside glass-covered cabinets, it will surely enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen. Above Cabinet Lighting Under Cabinet Lighting – With bright lights directly pointing onto work surfaces, shadows are significantly decreased and safety and productivity are greatly increased as well. With such fixtures installed, food preparation would be quick and easy.Above Cabinet Lighting Toe Kick Lighting – If you need to further illuminate pathways even when the overhead lamps are turned off, you should invest in toe kick lighting. This idea is perfect for the kitchen island or wet bar. Your best option for this type of lighting is LED Sticks.

The modern lighting system has greatly evolved into something as decorative as it is functional. Imagine what your cooking hub will look like when all of these lighting options, from above cabinet lighting to toe kick lighting, are implemented strategically. Without a doubt, your kitchen will look bright and airy, without casting the slightest shadow.

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Choosing the perfect lighting

Choosing the perfect lightingChoosing the perfect lighting Choosing the perfect light fixture is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make when redecorating or buying a new home. Without proper lighting, your house will look dull, dark and unappealing. Indeed, these fixtures can enhance even the most sparsely furnished rooms.

While most people ignore the importance of ceiling lights, keep in mind that there is nothing more tasteless than installing a single, bare light bulb to illuminate the entire living room. So, never hesitate to enhance your house by choosing the appropriate fixtures. Choosing the perfect lighting

Important points to consider

If you want to choose the perfect lighting, you should always pay particular attention to the general size of your room. A small room only requires a couple of wall sconces or table lamps. On the other hand, larger rooms can benefit from ornate crystal chandeliers. Such fixtures also add a touch of class and elegance to any room.

It is also important that your ceiling light is in harmony with the general décor of your house. For instance, a contemporary chrome bulb fixture will look completely out of place in a rustic kitchen. Similarly, an old-fashioned lamp, or a lodge-style fixture will not match with a modern and monochrome setting.

Different types of lights

Lighted ceiling fans will help in keeping your house cool during those sweltering summer days. Choosing the perfect lighting These are better suited for the kitchen or the dining room. However, it is important to remember that these ceiling lights require constant cleaning, since they quickly gather dust around the edges.

If you’re purchasing new light fixtures for the living room, try to keep it as elegant as possible. So, if you can afford it, do not hesitate to invest in a good-quality, crystal chandelier for some added class.

Choosing the perfect lighting For your bathroom, you can be creative and go for rustic, three-bulb fixtures, or even candle-shaped chandeliers. Don’t forget that the bathroom is also the place where most of you apply makeup and shave, so the fixture that you choose needs to be bright enough for such activities.

For grooming purposes, it’s always best to go for overhead, recessed, and strip lights for the bathroom. You can place those fixtures directly above the mirror in order to avoid shadows.Choosing the perfect lighting When it comes to choosing the perfect lighting for the bedroom, avoid halogen and fluorescent lights in favor of yellow, dim lights that will favor sleep. In this case, the best fixtures are table lamps, small, discreet chandeliers or table lamps. If you have a creative streak, why don’t you hang a string of fairy lights directly above your headboard? You may even opt for dimmers if you want to set a quieter, more intimate feel.Choosing the perfect lighting

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Antique Floor Lamps for Nostalgic Home

Unlike modern floor lamps, antique floor lamps have some characteristics that must be known by the buyers and owners. If we always see too much neutral color in modern home design such as black and white or solid color, we will find so much rusty color in antique home design. This rusty color means the application of metal material in bronze and golden scheme. Well, wood is always applied for the cabinetry and furniture in antique home design. But for the appliances, iron seems to be more popular than the others in this rustic and old home interior decoration.

Antique Floor Lamps Sale

No wonder that we can always find brass or bronze stands of the antique floor lamp. Heavier metal seems better to represent the older characteristic of home appliance. Basically, most old or antique appliances are heavier than current appliance. Furthermore, with those heavier materials, most appliances in the past are more durable than recent products of appliance. This fact is also applied on several antique floor lamps in the pictures. Besides rusty iron color schemes and heavier material application, artistic sculptural and carving details are displayed on the antique floor lamps. It may be applied on the middle, bottom or top of lamp stand. For clearer description, let’s see some attached pictures. Bronze color looks bold on the floor lamp stand. This stand is simple with small circle on the bottom to keep the floor lamp standing well. There is artistic metal sculpture applied under the lamp cover. This detail looks shiny under the light when the lamp is turned on. In addition, simple lamp cover with larger diameter on the lower part looks very antique.

Antique Floor Lamps Parts

Antique Floor Lamps Discount

The same concept of this antique lamp cover is displayed in the next picture. It applies square cap with larger dimension on the bottom part. Another classic lamp cover applies curving square lamp cover with tassel detail hanging on the bottom edge. Yellow tassel is suitable with golden lighting scheme from the antique floor lamps. Darker bronze stand is stunning with brass sculpture detail on the stand. It is displayed under the cover lamp tassel.

Antique Floor Lamps 2013

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Tripod Floor Lamp for Home Library

Are you a bookworm? Well, having a home library as an imperative room inside the house is recommended. This books collection storage room must be clean, tidy, neat and bright. Some wall shelves and bookcases should be installed to fit the library space. A set of desk and chair, lounge and sofa must be perfect to facilitate you in reading at the home library. And finally, great illumination is a must to keep your eyes health while reading the books anytime. Tripod floor lamp can be a good choice for additional illumination in the home library.

Tripod Floor Lamp UK

Besides giving enough illumination next to your favorite wing chair, tripod floor lamp has a unique design to make it as versatile room decoration. Well, basically, the model of the tripod floor lighting is just like usual floor lamp. It is completed with bulb lamp, cone or lamp cover and of course stand pole. In this case, tripod floor lamps not only have a floor lamp stand to hold the bulb lamp and cover. But it has even three stands that crossing each other as floor lamp stand. That’s why it is called as tripod lamp, a floor lamp with three stands. There are many kinds of tripod lamp for floor models. Have ever seen a telescope? Generally, this long distant viewer has tripod to hold it when the user don’t want to hold it. This tripod telescope holder is taken as tripod floor lamps model inspiration by a creative designer. The whole part of floor lamp is made of black metal. The tripod looks strong and safe to hold the lamp on the top. A long piece of lamp looks like a big spoon. The middle part of lamp pole is connected to the tripod to make it as a unit of tripod floor lamp.

Tripod Floor Lamp Picture

Tripod Floor Lamp on Sale

More classic style of tripod floor lamp offers simple wooden and metallic tripod stands to combine with colorful tube lamp cover. The tube is quite wide with shorter height. It is minimalist enough to complete your spacious home library interior design. Several colors are available to pick such as red, white and black.

Tripod Floor Lamp 2013

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Floor Lamps IKEA Design Inspiration

IKEA provides almost all things related to home design and decoration. We have ever discussed much about home furniture by IKEA. And now, there are some unique floor lamps IKEA to collect. Well, IKEA is obviously always creative to design many things. Those unique floor lamps, for example, can reach much attention from most home design lovers around the world. In this article, we have four different models IKEA floor lamps.

Floor Lamps IKEA Unique

The first IKEA floor lamp is inspired by a wine bottle. At the first, we look at that, we can say that floor lamp is like a lantern. Well, the material to make a lamp cover is similar like the lantern use. It is a thick paper in shading white scheme as lighting dimmer. A wine bottle shape is clearly seen on this contemporary floor lamp. Strong stainless steel is used to form the wine bottle. This metallic lamp frame increases the elegance of this one meter floor lamp. The next floor lamps IKEA have similar concept as the previous floor lamp. It has a simpler and unique shape as like thread roller complete with metallic stand to hold it properly. If the previous lantern floor lamp involves stainless steel rings frame, this thread roller floor lamp applies the stainless steel frame spirally surrounding the entire external part of the lamp. It looks simple but luxurious with that spiral metallic frame. The third floor lamp by IKEA is shorter than both lantern floor lamps above. It has circular shape with some propeller pieces arranged as like flower arrangement on tripod. Stainless steel tripod keeps the propeller arrangement in appropriate position.

Floor Lamps IKEA Style

Floor Lamps IKEA Pot

With adorable design, this propeller tripod floor lamp illuminates the room corner with perfect dim lighting. White becomes the best color scheme for most IKEA products including floor lamps IKEA. This color is neutral to place in a room with various kinds of color scheme. The last floor lamp applies mushroom shape of cone to cover the bulb lamp. In white scheme of floor lamp stand and cone, the lighting under the cover still looks brighter. There is also little scale of lighting which is installed on the top lamp stand for additional lighting.

Floor Lamps IKEA Ideas

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Halogen Floor Lamp for Energy Saver

Halogen floor lamp is quietly different from usual floor lamp. Halogen is kind of lighting type which requires halogen atoms in the gas within the bulb lamp envelop to illuminate the room. Well, for better explanation, we will call the content of bulb lamp as filament and the glass to cover it as envelop. Halogen lamp is more durable than usual lamp. It is because the gas and halogen atoms mixed well and then evaporate to bring such brighter lighting for illumination. Because of this well combination, this halogen lamp only requires small scale of energy to evaporate unlike the common lamp which needs extra power to do the same action.

Halogen Floor Lamp Idea

Unfortunately, the position of filament and envelop is so close. That’s why the bulb lamp is hotter than the common lamp. No wonder that mostly, the halogen lamp can make a fire at home. To reduce that possibility, don’t even think to place the halogen lamp near flammable objects such as drapery, curtain or cloth cone to cover the lamp. Well, although the halogen lamp has disadvantages to consider, it also has advantages such as saving your electricity power better than the usual nitrogen lamp. Let’s turn into the halogen floor lamp. Halogen lamp comes in many models as well as the nitrogen lamp. One of those models is floor lamp. The design of halogen floor lamps is similar with usual floor lamp design. It has tall stand to hold the halogen bulb lamp on the top. Since halogen is easy to burn out in high temperature, most halogen floor lighting manufacture changes the envelop material from glass to stronger material. This material will keep envelop doesn’t break though the halogen filament in highest temperature.

Halogen Floor Lamp Image

Halogen Floor Lamp Sale

Besides replacing the glass envelop with stronger material, most halogen floor lamps don’t have any lamp cover or cone. If it does, the cone or lamp cover is intentionally made simpler to give little shade on the lighting. Without lamp cone to cover the bulb lamp, halogen floor lamp still looks elegant and minimalist. It is just what we need in a small living space.

Halogen Floor Lamp 2013

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Contemporary Floor Lamps in Minimalist Concept

Talking about contemporary style, we know that this modern style is identical with minimalist and compact design. Contemporary floor lamps are intentionally made in minimalist concept. It means it is designed simply with less of detail and accent on every part of the lamp. The model is straight, clean, smooth but it is always elegant from wherever the point of view coming. Various models of floor lamps are available to design in minimalist concept such as arc lamp, torch or simple floor lamp with cone.

Contemporary Floor Lamps UK

Basically, the contemporary floor lamps are designed with sophisticated accent. We can see it on some pictures attached in this article. One of the floor lamp applies arc floor lamp model. It doesn’t involve curving accent on the half top of the lamp stand. Accurate angle is applied to replace the curve detail on this contemporary arc floor lamp. Cone is still incorporated to cover the bulb lamp. To make it more luxurious without too much detail, the lamp cover is formed as like a large tube with flatter shape on the bottom part. This contemporary arc lamp is available in several tube colors such as green, blue, red, and white and black. The other contemporary floor lamp is simpler with wonderful art concept. This floor lamp is made just like porcelain pot located in the corner of the room. Frozen thread or string becomes main material to shape the porcelain look floor lamp. It is in light brown color to allow the lamp illuminating the area surround it properly. Unique thread texture on the entire surface of the floor lamp pot gives such light effect when the lamp is turning on. There are three sizes of floor porcelain look lamp to choose. They are small, medium and large with taller height for each larger size.

Contemporary Floor Lamps Style

Contemporary Floor Lamps on Sale

Another contemporary floor lamp offers the full shape of leech. Well, at the first, you will think that it is so disgusting. In fact, you will see that high technology application on the leech contemporary floor lamps win. Slim wire application makes the leech lamp floating from the bottom lamp stand. The combination of texture and curve detail on the leech make this unique floor lamp more elegant to illuminate your living room.

Contemporary Floor Lamps Canada

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Modern Floor Lamps in High Technology Concept

Today, innovative ideas of home furniture and appliance designers become higher and higher from time to time. Most people prefer to express what they are thinking to create a wonderful object such as modern floor lamps. With unusual design and detail applied on the floor lamp, every product of it will be sold in International market rate around the world. Well, let’s leave that courtesy then. In this article, we will describe some unbelievable floor lamp designs to complete your contemporary home interior decoration.

Modern Floor Lamps UK

Those modern floor lamps are intentionally manufactured to show the highest creativity level of home appliance designers on the earth. Let’s begin this explanation by comparing the basic model of the floor lamp recently. If you are still attracted with classic concept, simple floor lamp design with straight tall stand and cone to cover the bulb lamp is enough. This classic floor lamp is timeless since it is still found in many houses and buildings as corner illumination. Arc floor lamp is more modern model of floor lamp. It offers curving detail on the floor lamp stand. It commonly comes in stylish cone or bulb lamp cover. With metal stand, the arc lamp looks gorgeous with solid color scheme on different styles of cone lamp shape. The other design style of floor lamp incorporates natural object as inspiration to make a unique concept. For example, we use flower like dandelion to make a modern floor lamp. Can you imagine that? The floor lamp stand is slimmer that is made of stainless steel. The dandelion flower is applied as the bulb lamp without any cone installation to cover it. This floor lamp is unique with spiky bulb lamp to represent the dandelion flower.

Modern Floor Lamps Sale

Modern Floor Lamps NYC

Other modern floor lamps are minimalist in design. It incorporates a baseball bat shape as design inspiration. The bat floor lamp is arranged in upside down position with bulb lamp on the bottom. This bat floor lamp is in white with transparent material to display the bulb lamp part. When we turn it on, soft dim illumination looks elegant in a cozy living room.

Modern Floor Lamps IKEA

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Arc Floor Lamp the Simple but Cozy Home Lighting

Floor lamp is alternative illumination to maximize your wide house space. This kind of lamp certainly requires more space on the floor. Most people prefer to place this floor lamp in the room corner for additional room lighting in living room or other shared room. Some people place the floor lamp next to wing chair or sofa as illumination and decorative item in entertainment room for family. Many kinds of floor lamp model are always gorgeous to maximize the living space. One of them is known as arc floor lamp.

Arc Floor Lamp Sale

In basic shape, floor lamp is a lamp with tall stand to hold a bulb lamp on the top. It looks like a pole standing in a room with lighting spread out from the top. Following the latest trend of lamp model, arc floor lamp comes in more unique concept of design to consider. With arc accent on the half part of lamp stand, this floor lamp looks smart with that design. There is a curve accent on the top to let the bulb focuses in illuminating the area under it. Furthermore, we don’t have to place a common floor lamp in a specific area to give much illumination there if we use arc floor lighting. We only have to place the arc lamp in certain part near the area, which needs much light. And then place the point of lamp above the area to illuminate it well. The design concept of the arc floor lighting is just like Torchiere floor lamp. It is usually made of metal to load the whole part of the lamp especially the arc part. There will be larger circle installed on the floor lamp feet. It helps the floor lamp standing properly.

Arc Floor Lamp Metal

Arc Floor Lamp IKEA

Cone is still involved in most home lighting designs no matter what the model is. And stainless steel cone looks modern covering the lamp bulb on the arc floor lamp. Sometimes, this kind of unique floor lamp comes with cloth lamp cover to replace the metallic cone. Wood becomes main material for the floor lamp stand following the vintage concept of the lamp cover.

Arc Floor Lamp Brass

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Torchiere Floor Lamp the Unique Old home Lighting

Torchiere floor lamp is a type of floor lamp which has tall stand to hold candle or bulb lamp on the top. This floor lamp is usually made of metal or wood for the stand. In the past, Torchiere is completed with candle to illuminate every nook of room or corridor in palace or house. Nowadays, the Torchiere comes in more sophisticated technology of halogen and fluorescent light. Both types of modern lighting are safer than the candle since they don’t require fire to illuminate the room.

Torchiere Floor Lamp Shade

Torchiere or read Torch-SHARE is always stunning to decorate your interior or even exterior home design. Although the name still involves the torch concept, the design of Torchiere floor lamp is not exactly like a torch. Well, it is true that most designs of Torchiere apply the torch basic model with tall stand and little bulb as fire on the top. In fact, following the latest model trend of Torchiere floor lighting, this stylish lamp comes in quite different design to adore. Generally, the metal or wood stand of the Torchiere lamp is decorated with artistic sculpture or carving. It spirally climbs from the bottom to the top. The fire of torch is replaced by upside down cone to hold the fluorescent or halogen bulb lamp. The color of cone is available in various choices. Mostly, the cone is made of white glass with smooth or hard texture on it. Sometimes, it comes in transparent look with crystal accent to spread light effect onto the whole wall in the room.

Torchiere Floor Lamp Part

Torchiere Floor Lamp Kits

Torchiere floor lamp is typically used as interior and exterior home lighting. In the interior side, this kind of lamp commonly illuminates hallway, corridor or corner of room. In exterior side of house, Torchiere is often found to illuminate the walking track or path in the garden or poolside. This floor lamp is also used to decorate the appearance of balcony and romantic rooftop area. To bring such dim lighting in some romantic spots inside or outside the house, red, yellow, or blue color scheme of lighting are chosen to dominate the Torchiere floor lamp.

Torchiere Floor Lamp Halogen

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