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Contemporary dining room design

Contemporary dining room design

What is great about a split-level island is that you can easily hide dirty dishes behind a counter until you are ready to deal with them. This is especially helpful if you feel too tired to clean up after a night of entertaining. The downside of this type of structure, however, is that the eat-in area could end up too tall than the standard size, rising up to 46 inches or more. This would then require extra tall bar stools that can be quite a challenge to find. Not to worry though as more manufacturers are now beginning to understand the need for really high seats.Contemporary dining room design

Normally though, such stools only ranges in height from 33 to 36 inches, which means you may need to have yours customized in order to suit the height of the eat-in bar. What is great about this option is that you can be very creative in your choice of design. Regardless of the style that you want to adopt though, you must ensure that the stools have the basic features. What are they?

  • Backless or not. The choice would depend on what you feel is most comfortable for you. Most homeowners, however, prefer the backless kind as the stools would be easier to store under a counter when not in use. Then again, you can always buy stools with a partial back so you can get the best of both worlds, so to speak.Contemporary dining room design
  • Swivel or stationary. The former makes it easier to get on and off the seat, especially when they are installed under the counter. The latter, on the other hand, is more like regular chairs with really long legs. You would need to push and pull them back when getting on and off them.
  • Shapes. Extra tall bar stools can be round, square, or rectangular. Other contemporary designs may have irregular shapes but still retains the basic forms when it comes to the seats. As for the base or frame, it can take the same shape as the stool or something different. A round-shaped bar stool, for instance, can have three to four legs, or just one with a sturdy base. Contemporary dining room design

Materials and finish. Similar to other home furniture pieces, bar stools could be made of a variety of materials too. Vinyl, leather, suede, woven, rush and cloth are just some of the components that can be used for the seats, while wood, chrome, bronze, and brushed nickel for the legs. Stools can be made with one material—from the seat to the legs, or a combination of different components. Contemporary dining room design

Armed with this information, shopping for extra tall stools would be a breeze.

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Modern Dining Table Set

Modern Dining Table Set: Finding the Perfect One for Your Kitchen

Going for a contemporary look in the kitchen usually means adopting an open layout, using a minimalist decorating style, and maintaining sleek and clean lines with the interiors. This type of layout, however, requires consistency all throughout. This means that the color palette you use in one room should have continuity on the next. If you have a white couch in the living room, for example, one or two areas of the kitchen should bear the same shade. It could be that the area rug or focal wall has streaks of white. Modern Dining Table Set

If there is one thing that would tie up the dining room together though, the dining set would be it. So, in a contemporary kitchen, your best choice of furniture would be a modern dining table set as well. What is great about buying both the tables and chairs at one time is convenience. After all, when both items are already well-coordinated, you do not need to shop for them separately. What are the factors to consider when shopping for a dining set then?

  • The price. Expensive does not necessarily mean high quality, although this may be true in some cases. When it comes to dining sets, however, you can practically find plenty of products that you can get for less and then use for a very long time. Do not settle for the first cheapest set that you find though. Ensuring quality before anything else is still the best way to shop for a modern dining table set. Modern Dining Table Set


  • The Makeup. Because the goal is to create a crisp and modern look in your dining area, you should opt for a glass table. This kind of furniture design not only spells contemporary, but also gives you a clear view of what goes on under the table like your son feeding the dog. Matching chairs with metal designs will definitely add flair to the overall look. Modern Dining Table Set
  • The Shape. Do you like it round or square? Between the two options, the former is again becoming quite popular. These days, however, a modern dining table set can be made creatively and uniquely, which means you do not need to limit your options to either round or square.Modern Dining Table Set

Lastly, buy a dining table set based on the color. Make sure that the shade does not clash with the decorating theme of the kitchen, but rather complement it. Opt for a colorful set that will blend well with the rest of the room.

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How to Don Interior Spaces with Stylish Chairs

There are various ways of dressing up interior spaces with stylish chairs as accents. Chairs can be used to make bold statements in the interior spaces of homes. They can define the mood of any interior space or even liven up their appearance depending on its color tone. A bold chair with patterns can be used to make a room look less serious. This yellow and brown chair with gold accents is  not just comfortable but also very casual. It can also add a vintage touch into the interior space it is used. It can also perfectly blend into an eclectic room for a colorful look.

How to Don Interior Spaces with Stylish Chairs

This neutral modern chair screams classic and modern. This chair designed in the shape of an egg has been around for so many decades now and still rocks. It is attractive, stylish and very elegant. It will sure elevate the appearance of a room the moment it is introduced.

How to Don Interior Spaces with Stylish Chairs

For a stylish arm chair in a totally unique design, one might opt for a bright color for the same. This hot pink arm chair will set any room ablaze with beautiful décor and effects. For a look that is crisp and clean yet attractive, white should be used within the same interior space for contrast and neutral effect.

How to Don Interior Spaces with Stylish Chairs

For a strapless white chair that is classic with gold and gray accents, it can be used in any interior space since white is a neutral color that goes well with any hue. It is not just attractive to draw attention but looks good on all sides.

How to Don Interior Spaces with Stylish Chairs

With a black antique chair, one can never go wrong. The chair is so classic and adds a dramatic yet an interesting effect in the interior space it is used. Due to its dark color tone, this chair is best used in bright colored interior spaces for a balanced look.                                                                

How to Don Interior Spaces with Stylish Chairs

An organic bold and airy feel can be achieved by using a wicker seat and ottoman accentuated with sunny yellow cushions and throw pillows for a warm yet natural touch.                                                                     

How to Don Interior Spaces with Stylish Chairs

The chairs used in this modern office is not just attractive and stylish but also very elegant. There is no way of creating an unforgettable memory than the use of these stylish gray chairs.                                                                    

How to Don Interior Spaces with Stylish Chairs

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Patio furniture

Patio furniture

Patio furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have a patio that falls on your backyard or even front lawn, you can embellish and furnish it to make it even more attractive. A nice set of patio furniture will not only bring a more appealing and cozy look to your home, but it can also be practical if you want to relax outside on a warm summer night, or if you feel like throwing a garden party.

However, you can’t just run to the store and grab any set of furniture that you want. Unlike your indoors chairs and tables, there are several things that you should take into consideration before purchasing your patio furniture.


The one thing that you should keep in mind is that not all materials are suited for the outdoors. Even if your patio is screen and covered, you can’t use your indoors furniture, because they will never withstand the heat and the direct sunlight.

Hence, steer clear of expensive antiques, mahogany, oak, rosewood and the likes. You can, however, go for weather-resistant materials such as cast iron, synthetic resin, plastic, eucalyptus, redwood, wicker, rattan and wrought iron. Patio furniture

Bear in mind that wooden furniture should imperatively be stowed or covered during rainfalls or snow storms to enhance their lifespan.

If you want a more elegant look and if you can afford it, you can also go for teak patio furniture. This material is usually enhanced with silica, and is hence very resistant to several types of fungal decay. Patio furniture

Aluminum is another popular option for patio furniture, but bear in mind that you will often need to redo the protective coating on your furniture. You can also opt for cast aluminum furniture: these do not corrode as easily, but they are much more expensive than plain aluminum.

You may also go for UV-resistant fabric cushions and pillows to scatter on your furniture.Patio furniture

How to furnish your patio

The number of items that you purchase ultimately depends on the size of your patio. If it’s on the smaller side, you might need just a few armchairs and a tiny coffee table or maybe even an end table.

However, if you have enough space, it’s better to go all the way and purchase a full set that usually includes armchairs, a couch or sofa, a coffee table and an end table upon which you can place some decorative ornaments.  Patio furniture

Of course, if you plan on doing some entertaining, you might need to invest in some extra chairs and a sideboard where your guests will be able to place their foods and drinks.

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Round Kitchen Table for Stylish Home Interior and Exterior

Most kitchen tables used in a house has rectangular shape as the basic design. Fortunately, lately the kitchen and dining table comes in more innovative design and style such as round kitchen table for stylish home interior and exterior decoration. Well, round table for kitchen and dining room is certainly different with the common table in rectangular or other geometrical shape. In fact, although the design of round and rectangular table are different, they still have the same duty as food serving furniture in the kitchen and dining room.

Round Kitchen Table Picture
Round kitchen table is typically identical with limited space. No wonder that it usually used to save more spaces in small kitchen or dining room in small house or apartment. As long as the kitchen table comes in small size, it will perfectly save more space in small room area. But it will be more stylish and suitable to maximize larger room area when it comes in larger dimension. Space saving round dining table is intentionally designed in compact and minimalist concept. Sometimes, it is made of transparent acrylic which looks unique in limited spaced room. Besides making the limited spaced room looks stylish and elegant, this acrylic round table makes the small room looks bigger. Don’t worry about the design of the kitchen table; there are still so many designs of kitchen table to choose as your desire. Retro kitchen table offers vintage accent that displayed on every single part of the table. Checkers pattern applied on the round table top is in red and black. This colors combination is so traditional to express such retro accent in your kitchen and dining room area. Round chair or stool has similar effect to complete the retro round table whether it is in red or black.

Round Kitchen Table Inspiration

Round Kitchen Table Image
If the round kitchen table comes in larger size, reclaimed wood will look perfect to bring such elegance in the entire part of kitchen and dining room. Simple smooth wooden round table with a leg in the center is always stylish. Complete this simple set with some sponge chairs and shabby chic chair skirts on it.

Round Kitchen Table Idea

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Kitchen Table and Chairs for Breakfast Spot

Sometimes, people want to get versatile cooking area where they can spend much time to cook dishes, interact to the others, get the food for snacking, etc. That’s why utilizing the kitchen space with useful furniture products are important to create this versatile kitchen. Recently, following the latest home furniture development, there are so many furniture products that available to choose. If a dining table is commonly found in dining room, we have kitchen table and chairs in the kitchen. This kitchen table typically has quite different duty from the dining table.

Kitchen Table and Chairs Unique
Why is the kitchen table quite different from the dining table? Basically, dining table is useful as furniture where some dishes are served and so does the kitchen table. There will be some chairs to accommodate some users surrounding the table. The design of the dining table is basically designed simply with top board and four legs. It comes in various sizes and style to follow the interior dining room decoration concept. The kitchen table and chairs have pretty different arrangement of chairs and design from the dining table. Kitchen table is typically located in the center of the kitchen. And sometimes, it is designed as multipurpose furniture in the kitchen those are a kitchen table and preparation table as well as island and countertop. No wonder that the kitchen table set has similar design as countertop or island with open storage space in the bottom and some drawers under the top. Stools seem to be more appropriate to surround this kitchen table instead of the chairs. However, most kitchen tables are designed with no free space on the leg area. That’s why to make the kitchen spacious; some more compact stools are located to replace the chairs.

Kitchen Table and Chairs Contemporary

Kitchen Table and Chairs Classic
It is different for a kitchen with larger spaces. Kitchen table and chairs will work better rather than stools surrounding the table. With chairs, we can beautify the kitchen table with chair skirt or cover. Retro style on the table and chair is also perfect to chic the whole kitchen room. Now, it is your time to decide the best kitchen table sets according to your desire.

Kitchen Table and Chairs Transparent

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Kitchen Table Sets for Complete Dining Room

Although it is located in a dining room, dining table sets are also called as kitchen table sets. Well, both kitchen and dining room always have close relationship to each other. No wonder that both room areas located near to each other. Once kitchen becomes an area for preparing the cooking, dining room will be more complete with dining table sets as serving area. And in general, many kitchen table products come in different design and style for one to another. Talking about set of furniture, kitchen table set consists of a table and some chairs to support the table function. Furthermore, since the kitchen table comes in different sizes, we can also find that the chair numbers will be different depending on the table dimension and design.

Kitchen Table Sets Wood
Kitchen table sets basically look like other furniture found in the house. Sometimes, it has similar concept with the whole interior decoration style. Besides, coming with different dimension, kitchen table also comes with specific design and model. Modern, contemporary, rustic, country, retro, minimalist and European are several dining table styles which are available to choose. Modern and contemporary style on the kitchen table generally have similar concept on the design. Modern style represents the futuristic that comes with metallic accent, while contemporary style expresses elegance and luxury concept on the model of the dining table. Lately, there are so many photos of kitchen table set samples that spreading out in internet. And we attach four of them with this short article. The smartest idea comes with this project is by taking as much inspiration as possible from those pictures. Actually, you don’t have to make the dining table as similar as the picture; you only have to take at least 10% – 25% of displayed ideas in the picture. Well, you will exactly know what you significantly need by doing it instantly later.

Kitchen Table Sets Rustic

Kitchen Table Sets Idea
So many kitchen table sets provided by home furniture manufactures are always attractive to choose. There is kitchen table with versatile design for space saving furniture idea. We also can find a kitchen table with small or tiny design for small apartment space problem solving. Even we can find the most unique design of kitchen table for country and French dining room interior style.

Kitchen Table Sets Bench

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