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Lime Green: Great color choice for your home

Before writing this I wasn’t sure that I was much a fan of lime green; since it seemed too much for my unknowing eyes but then I changed my mind and so will you.

Lime green is a mixture of yellow and green, though it harbors more yellow in it than green.  It can come in more electric shades or more earthy shades but how to use it is your own choice.

Exterior facade of the house  Lime Green: Great color choice for your home

The use of lime green on the exterior of your house can create a very summery look.  For instance, you can opt to have the house painted in a sandy beige color and then add the lime green to make for a summer beach house; the lime green can be the flaps; the doors or the rooftop. If not beige, you can really try to go for an all-white exterior and opt for a lime green roof to break the uniformity of the house.  Now, if you are bold you can try for an all-lime green home which will make your home strike out from the other houses. Lime Green: Great color choice for your home

Interior walls of the house

Lime Green: Great color choice for your home

If you are not ready for lime green on the outside of the house, you can try to bring it in the house by painting it in a room.  Just so you know lime green goes well with white; it, in fact, goes very well with white because it makes you think of all things summery. You can therefore, opt for a striped lime green and white room or you can choose to have a lime green room with a white lining at the top and the bottom so that it breaks the homogeneity of the room.

However, if you want to be striking go for lime green against black; it certainly does the trick for me; because I really love how if you choose black furniture it is striking how it pops to the view in a lime green room; for example a bedroom which would be lime green could be enhanced with an dark ebony bed and a black commode and you can even choose to have bedcover that is lime green to create a more general effect.

Furniture and Decorations

Lime Green: Great color choice for your home

If you are not ready for painting the walls lime green then you can choose within a large variety of furniture and decorations.  For instance you can add lime green cushions to your white or black set of sofas or you can buy a lime green couch to put in the living room but also on your outdoor patio.

You can also try to find mug sets that are porcelain black with lime green in the inside to do a striking set for your breakfast or you can eventually find that you can find lime green dishware that can be used for the home.  For the bold hearted you can even try to find island counters that are lime green but then go for a pale color or a darker color so that the island counters can strike your guests.

Lime Green: Great color choice for your home

You can also try color blocking the colors; if you are ready for it; try lime green against purple or fuchsia for a more color blocking effect.

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Decorative Iron Wall Art for Luxury Focal Point

Wall decoration idea is a must if we are going to decorate a house. Nowadays, there are so many ideas regarding to the decorative wall inspiration. And decorative iron wall art is one of those elegant wall dceor ideas for a living space design. As like its name, decorative iron wall is designed just like wooden panel for wall. It exactly has the same concept as like the wooden panel though the material is different.

Decorative Iron Wall Art Simple
Iron is definitely concrete material used at home. It is commonly found in home furniture collection. In fact, it is also available as decorative wall idea at home. Basically, iron wall art items are designed in numerous styles. As wall decorating art, decorative iron wall art is made simply but elegance with its texture and color. Metallic silver is popular among modern era since it offers futuristic accent on it. Other color scheme is bronze. Bronze also offers such metallic scheme on its surface. In this case, metallic bronze offers brown and gold accent that combined to be a great composition of classic iron. The last is gold. This metallic yellow iron is commonly applied according to certain home design. Mostly Arabic and Moroccan home design install this kind of luxury gold iron wall art. Now, as we know it before, the decorative iron wall art comes in various models including iron panel.

Decorative Iron Wall Art Modern

Decorative Iron Wall Art Image
For the most classic style, light iron panels are arranged to cover a center wall in a room such as living room and bedroom. It may come with padded or wavy texture on it as 3D accent of decoration. Or it may come with simple with curling, curving and many more elegant patterns such as leaves and flowers. Sometimes, decorative iron wall art is designed in various shape and size. If you are lucky, you will find it with unique calligraphy. This calligraphy can be displayed elegantly on the wall in every room inside the house such as entrance hallway, family room, dining room, bedroom, and home gallery room. Other alternative of iron decorative wall art offers mirror application to fill your small house with stylish space saving decorative items.

Decorative Iron Wall Art Concept

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