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Ideas for your home : Murals

Ideas for your home : Murals 

Ideas for your home : Murals

Most of the time, we don’t really know how to accessorize, decorate our homes except maybe if we spent a long time pondering on the subject.  I was researching some cool ideas to share with you when I fell in love with something fantastical and awesome; basically a dream come true: Murals.

Murals are not only creative for the interior of your house but can be used anywhere you want to make a statement.

What are they in fact?

Do you know about the Chapel Sistine and those beautiful paintings on the ceilings well that is an example of a mural.

Basically, murals are artworks that are painted on already painted walls or bare walls.

Why would you want a mural in your home, you may be thinking? Well first of all they are beautiful and that is impressive enough but more important is that instead of having to wonder what color to paint your walls; bang! You have a mural adorning it and Voilà, no more worries.

Murals are impressive and eye-catching but they can also be used to create a themed room for you or your children.

Imagine this; you are sitting in your living room and right behind your Plasma screen is the wonderful mural of a waterfall.

Not only does this help to relax you but it also helps to create a soothing environment for your family and even friends.

Another idea would be to use murals in your children’s room; for example, you may want to paint a castle instead of going and buying wallpapers.

Ideas for your home : Murals

In fact murals have become an alternative to the use of wallpaper; it is probably more time consuming but in the end, the result will be lifelong since it won’t risk tearing off or becoming humid.

You can also use murals outside your home; impress passers with great art and interesting paintings.

In all murals are a great choice to add to your home; you can choose any style you want and you know that it will always be your choice.  Depending on the width and length of the mural though it may cost you a bit for example it could go up to 10 000 dollars.

Take the advice of a professional and don’t try to do this by yourself except if you are a top notch painter.  After all is done you can sit back and enjoy paintings on the wall like our ancestors J

Ideas for your home : Murals

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Why People are so Opinionated when in Comes to Color

There is no topic that brings out different opinions from different people than that of color. Given two photos with one being colorful and the other in neutral, the extremes cannot go without raising different strong reactions immediately. Though people have strong feelings on this topic, recent polls carried out have always shown that the number of people who love neutral colors is almost the same as those who prefer to go bold. Though color is said to misbehave and cannot be counted on, neutrals are considered safe and those who love them feel safe with these colors in their interior spaces. Apart from these two color variations representing different personalities, there are other reasons people are so opinionated about color.

Why People are so Opinionated when in Comes to Color

People are so passionate about color because it is intrinsic in the sense that we experience it every day of our lives whether we awake or asleep. Apart from the two color palettes being so polarized, the fact that people have personal and intimate relationships with color is enough reason to arouse different opinions.

Why People are so Opinionated when in Comes to Color

In modern interior designs, it is colors that stand out from the rest of the design elements used. With the different design styles available, it is easy for different people with different personalities, preferences and opinions to get a transitional style that suits them. Unlike designs that are sometimes difficult to peg due to this fact, color usually draws various opinions almost instantly. This is due to the fact that color is easy to identify.

Why People are so Opinionated when in Comes to Color

It is not wrong to say that it could be that everyone love color but can tend to care so much about other people’s opinions. People like when positive comments are made about them and not vice versa hence one can easily say that social influences play a great role in the opinions people have about colors.                                                                                    

Why People are so Opinionated when in Comes to Color

People who have had negative experiences which are misinformed also tend to have opinions when it comes to color, be it bright or neutral colors. Those who use pop of bright colors in their neutral homes might feel they have made a big mistake which is not always the case. The fact that most people fail to visualize controversial colors in their interior spaces is another reason why people tend to be so opinionated about colors. Therefore, it is wise to use color on a small area or one that is barely used before having the confidence to implement it fully.                                                                       

Why People are so Opinionated when in Comes to Color

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Paint or wallpaper

The easiest way to transform a room is to redo the walls. Indeed, you can instantly turn a dull, small room into a light, airy one by using light, pastel colors. Similarly, it’s very easy to fill an overly-large room by choosing dark or bold colors.

However, many people often hesitate when it comes to choosing between wall paint or wall papers. Both of them have their own pros and cons, and your choice of wall treatment also depends on the climate, size of the room and your budget.

So, before making your choice, it’s always recommended to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of wall paints and wallpapers.



  1. Maintain a warm temperature: Thick, good quality wallpapers help in keeping your house warm during those harsh winter nights. In fact, they are great energy savers since they insulate the walls and help in maintaining a nice, cozy temperature.
  1. Aesthetic appeal: Wallpapers certainly tend to look more attractive than wall paints, especially if you go for appealing, patterned ones.   Paint or wallpaper
  1. Less mess and fuss: Indeed, wallpapers are extremely easy to install, and you won’t have any spilled paint on the floor either.


  1. Easily damaged: A single tear in the wallpaper will ruin the overall look and you will have to redo the entire wall.  Also, humidity can also cause the paper to become unglued.
  1. Difficult to remove: It is much easier to glue on the wallpaper than to remove it. Indeed, if you want to change your wall dressings, you will need expensive stripping tools, as well as several types of chemicals.
  1. Wall bubbles: In some cases (especially if you purchase poor-quality paper), your wall paper can form air bubbles or folds, which gives a rather unappealing look to your room.

PaintPaint or wallpaper


  1. Less expensive: A few licks of paint are certainly going to be much, much cheaper than wallpaper. Wall paints are therefore more suited to people who are on a restricted budget.
  1. Easier to clean: If your wall is painted, you can very easily clean it and remove any stray marks or stains. In comparison, wallpapers are quite difficult to clean, and you will need to purchase some specially formulated cleaning lotion, since water will tear and crumple the paper.
  1.  Touch up anytime: If a small inch of wall paint is scraped or smudged, you can quickly repair this imperfection by dipping into your paint once again.


  1. Messy: It is virtually impossible to paint a house without splattering paint everywhere. This can also ruin your curtains and floorings, especially if your floors are made up in wood paneling.
  1. Slow drying time:  Because of the slow drying time, it is not recommended to use wall paints in households containing pets and small children since they can very easily ruin a perfectly good coat of fresh paint.  You also have to wait for several hours between coats.
  1. Plain look: Contrary to wallpapers, painted walls offer nothing more than a plain, bare surface. Paint or wallpaper
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Walls and floors: colors and textures

Walls and floors: colors and texturesWalls and floors: colors and textures The walls and floors can dramatically change the overall look of your home. In fact, a simple change of tiling and wallpaper is the perfect option for those who want to bring a new look to their homes, without spending too much money.

Before selecting your wall and floor colors, don’t forget to take the room size into consideration. Hence, if your room is small, go for pale flooring and wallpaper. Bold prints and deep colors are exclusively reserved for large and spacious areas.

For dark rooms that are not exposed to much sunlight, you may go for walls and floors in hues of yellow, soft pink, light orange, lavender, and lemon. Walls and floors: colors and textures Try not to choose the exact same color for the walls and floors, or you might end up with a rather dull and washed-out look.  Also, bear in mind that your choice of flooring and wallpaper will automatically determine the theme and mood that you want to set, so be careful when choosing the colors, textures and materials.

Setting the ambiance…

For example, if you want to go for a rustic or Victorian look, you should forget about monochromes in favor of wooden or metal colors. Walls and floors: colors and textures Indeed, you could rather dress up your dining room in varying shades of brown, straw and ecru. For a pronounced old-fashioned theme, why not go for an industrial metal wall paired with pale, wooden flooring?

Rosebud wallpapers will bring a pronounced rustic charm to your house. You can complement this look with thick, gold carpeting, or dark mahogany flooring. Other rustic floor and wall combinations include: stone and brick, lacquered oak and patterned marble, distressed hickory and granite, among others.

Those of you who are on a budget can stencil some flowers or other rustic-looking pattern on a plain, white wall. Walls and floors: colors and textures If you want a more contemporary look, you could, for example, dress up your kitchen with white wallpaper and white-and-black checkered tiles. Another modern theme would be the ultimate combination of red and black. This works particularly well in large bathrooms. Also, the triple combination of white, grey and red for your walls and floors will never fail to impress your guests.

For aesthetic and architectural features such as the foyer, pillars and built-in closets, it’s always safer to do the walls and floors in light and pale colors, in order to enhance these areas. The key is to harmonize your walls to your flooring style, and ultimately to your furniture.Walls and floors: colors and textures

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Basement Floor Paint Cool and Chic Ideas

Basement is a room area inside the house which commonly used as garage or storage space. Sometimes, it is used for additional room areas as like family room, entertainment room, bar home theater, home office and even pool. Basement floor building is actually similar as like what we can find on the first and second floor of house. There are floor, wall and ceiling as basic building frame of course. Most basement floors at home consist of a large room to divide into several room areas. On the other way, it also comes in several rooms to use as bedroom and other rooms above. And with similar concept of building with other floor at home, basement floor paint offers so many choices of color scheme to beautify the room.

Basement Floor Paint Purple

Since it is basement floor, it must be darker with little scale of window installation. That’s why it is better to apply brighter color scheme to help the basement floor looks brighter. Neutral bright color such as white, cream and ivory are appropriate colors as backdrop on the wall in the basement floor. These backdrop colors are suitable with other color schemes which are stronger, more vibrant and lighter as basement floor paint combination. If we you are going to create such modern and minimalist brighter basement floor area, white on the whole part of wall and ceiling will be enough. We can add wallpaper with full or big pattern and strong color to contrast the basement floor color scheme. To neutral the room color, wood plank in birch color is cool and warm enough on the floor.

Basement Floor Paint Idea

Basement Floor Paint Blue

Don’t be afraid to apply more creative and exiting concept on the basement floor paint plan. We can use three or more color paint compositions if desire such as orange, green and blue. Apply those colors in stripes pattern on the wall or cabinetry. With this simple color composition concept, your dull basement floor will be more attractive and so comfortable that make it as a favorite family room for you. Small basement floor area doesn’t stop us to decorate it as stylish as possible. There are still many tile ideas to choose covering some parts of basement wall such as backsplash basement bar.

Basement Floor Paint 2012

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Wooden Wall Letters for Personalized Room Decoration

Vinyl lettering seems to be the simplest idea to decorate a room while giving motivator lettering to keep our mind straight. Various options of room decorating ideas are too attractive to leave of course. And now, we have another one to make our house stylish in purpose especially for certain people. Well, personalized or custom decorating concept becomes easier to do with wooden wall letters. Wooden wall quoting actually has simpler concept in maximizing room wall space. It comes in different size to select depending on your desire in decorating a room. Color and pattern are always interesting to consider coming with the wooden wall lettering.

Wooden Wall Letters Name

Since wooden wall letters usually come in bigger size, that’s why most people prefer to choose a word rather than full quote. A word with five or more letters is enough to decorate a wall side in a room such as bedroom and living room. And this wooden wall lettering is really loved by some teenager girls, little girls even toddlers. Name lettering is the most popular design concept of wooden lettering. This wooden lettering is intentionally designed to say a name of the room owner such as Ellie, Josh and many more. It is such perfect personalized room decorating idea to choose rather than spending much time to considering appropriate wall pint color and wallpaper. With this wooden wall lettering, we only need to choose alphabetical shape style, pattern and color scheme to choose. And then hang or stick them on a wall side as a room focal point. Well, that is a sample of personalized decorating idea for teenage or children bedroom interior. If we are going to decorate a shared room such as family room, we can be more creative with the design of the wooden lettering.

Wooden Wall Letters Idea

Wooden Wall Letters Beach

For example we will decorate a family room with simple interior decoration. Scrabble can be a great idea to say some family motivator words such as happy, family, fun, laugh and many more. Design the wooded wall letters to imitate the scrabble boards. And then stick them on the wall just like playing scrabble on the wall.

Wooden Wall Letters Alphabeth

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Wood Paneling for Walls in Home Interior

Adding warm and cool accent at the same time inside the house seems need such special skill to support. Fortunately, lately we don’t even need any home design skill to make a living space so comfortable anytime no matter what. Wood paneling for walls is a special treatment to make our house always warm at night and cool at day. Wood becomes main material in this plan of course. It is because wood is kind of natural material to create both cool and warm concepts. Additionally, wood is not always expensive with high quality level of tree type. We are even able to use only thin wood panel covering the concrete wall so that it brings fresh atmosphere into the house.

Wood Paneling for Walls Modern

As like paint color on the wall, wood paneling for walls are suitable to place in any room area inside the house such as dining room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room and hallway. The installation concept may be different from one to another depending on the wood paneling design. Let’s see some designs of wood paneling for various room walls at home. The first idea of wood paneling is designed to maximize a small bedroom. This wood panel is intentionally manufactured as wall designed paneling. And it is located perfectly on the wall behind and next the bed. Effectively, this bedroom wood panel is useful as wall designed storage space and a stylish focal point on the bedroom wall center. Other wall designed wood paneling is also suitable to maximize the living room interior. This small living room looks even more effective with some wall designed cabinetry. We don’t have to spend much time to consider the best wall décor ideas since the wooden wall pillar can cover all of them.

Wood Paneling for Walls Idea

Wood Paneling for Walls Dining Room

Making a large house becomes more spacious and full of fresh air can be supported with wood paneling ideas. Floor to ceiling wood paneling for walls next to side staircase offers neutral accent in a white house. Without any wall accessory applied on the wall, wood paneling can be a perfect point in the large shared room with similar scheme from the dining table set in front of it.

Wood Paneling for Walls 2012

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Ceramic Wall Tile Ideas for Cool Interior

Besides using paint color to decorate home interior, ceramic tile becomes a recommended option to cozy your house. There are many choices of tile types lately such as marble, glass, granite, wood and metal. Ceramic or porcelain is only one of those tile types to choose. Most people choose ceramic tile because of its advantages. It offers many choices of design, model, color, texture, color and pattern. It is available for floor and wall even to cover inside or outside house area. That’s why ceramic wall tile becomes a cool idea to decorate interior especially bathroom, kitchen or other room area at home such as lounge room.

Ceramic Wall Tile Unique

Now, we have bathroom area to decorate with ceramic wall tile. Color paint may be a perfect optional to color the bathroom wall. Unfortunately, we must spend more money to keep the durability of the wall since it will always touch water anytime the bathroom is used. Ceramic tiles are the best solution to keep your bathroom clean, cool and stylish for long term. Since ceramic tile comes in many design and pattern, deciding a specific style first before installing the tile is good step in the beginning. For instance, classic has been chosen as the bathroom interior decorating style. Classic is always identical with vintage accent such as elegant pattern of crown, medallion, floral or just pale color paint on the wall and floor. In this case, we need ceramic tile to choose based on those classic concepts. Let’s see a classic contemporary bathroom in one of ceramic wall tile idea picture in this article. Cream golden seems perfect backdrop color for the ceramic wall tiles. There are two different tile patterns that are installed on the upper and lower half of the wall.

Ceramic Wall Tile Sample

Ceramic Wall Tile Ideas

The upper half ceramic wall tile has bigger and tighter patterns than the lower half wall part. Although the tile pattern is quite brighter than the backdrop color, this soft pattern color is still able to see if you see it in different point of view. Additionally, appropriate lighting in the bathroom will help the tiles display the pattern stylishly.

Ceramic Wall Tile Classic

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Ceramic Tile Patterns Ideas for Home Interior

It is still all about ceramic tile for floor and wall home interior decorating. Ceramic tile is definitely popular than the other tile types such as marble, glass and others. It is because ceramic tile is kind of cheap tile type to buy. On the other hand, this tile offers so many design and model to follow any home interior decorating style. It comes in various colors, shapes, dimension and ceramic tile patterns ideas. We can perfectly choose the pattern depending on the interior decorating concept. And many attractive ceramic tile patterns are ready to pick.

Ceramic Tile Patterns Idea

Basically, ceramic comes in several designs based on the pattern and texture. Ceramic may come in plain pattern. It means it just appears simply with a single color on the entire part of tile. Most people install this plain ceramic on the floor and wall no matter where the room is. Bathroom and kitchen are two appropriate places where this ceramic tile often to install. In the other way, recently, ceramic tiles come in more stylish and artistic pattern. We have seen some of ceramic tile patterns in the previous article. It is mosaic ceramic tile. This kind of ceramic tile is intentionally designed with different pattern from one to another. The best thing that comes with this kind of ceramic is its painting concept. When some of ceramic tiles are connected to each other, there will be a unique and artistic painting displayed crystal clearly. Unfortunately, this mosaic ceramic tile is usually more expensive than the plain tile. Other ceramic tile pattern is just like marble pattern. Every tile has different pattern detail so that it looks similar as like marble or granite tile. Generally, this kind of ceramic tile pattern is known as poured pattern.

Ceramic Tile Patterns Custom

Ceramic Tile Patterns Bricks

Stylish method to install the poured ceramic tile patterns is quite attractive to imitate. Most people prefer to create a specific pattern on the floor or wall. They usually choose ceramic tiles with similar pattern and then cut them into two or three different sizes. Finally, those tiles are arranged orderly with different size of ceramic tile meeting each other.

Ceramic Tile Patterns Backsplash

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Plug in Wall Lamp Model and Style

Home lighting certainly comes in numerous optional. They have different design concept and style. Most people choose lighting for their interior living space decoration complement. That’s why the lamp design must be suitable and harmony if both home interior and lamp are combined together. In general, home lighting consists of ceiling, wall and floor lamp type. The ceiling lamp type offers recessed lamp, LED cove lamp, chandelier, pendant and fixed lamp to choose. The wall lamp type offers plug in wall lamp with various models to pick. And the last is floor lamp type which offers taller lighting with pole to hold it. This kind of standing lamp is mostly used as reading lamp in home library. Or it is usually also used as additional lighting in a living room.

Plug in Wall Lamp Idea

Plug in wall lamp is a good solution to illuminate a house with limited space. This wall lamp is often used besides the ceiling lamp at home. We know that ceiling lamp is the first recommended home lighting to save more spaces on the wall and floor. But actually the wall lamp offers bigger effect for beautiful accent in decorating the interior home. Although wall lamp doesn’t illuminate much area in a room, this kind of hanging wall lamp can be a great complement of lighting in a room. As like chandelier and pendant in the ceiling lamp group, plug in wall lighting provides many design ideas to select. There is cone as the bulb cover which is commonly designed to express a flower bud. This cone cover is available in various materials including glass, metal and even acrylic. Carving line and detail of the cone surface adds different nuance on the area surrounding the lamp.

Plug in Wall Lamp Hanging

Plug in Wall Lamp Design

There is also classic light cover model which is made of cloth. This cover is in white or cream to soften the light that coming from the bulb. The wall lamp handle is made of wood with cables arranged in it. Professional man should be asked to help us in installing the plug in wall lamp for safer consideration. Other models of the wall lamp are displayed on some attached pictures in this blog.

Plug in Wall Lamp Bedroom

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