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Curtains rods designs are available in many models and styles. We know that there must be at least an accessory to complete the room decoration in the house. Window treatment is kind of significant accessory to apply on every window. It is useful to block too much light from the outside and reduce noise too. Curtain is the most famous window treatment for home design no matter what the style is. Besides considering the style of curtain, we also must consider the design of the curtain rods.

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Basically, if we are going to decorate a house with curtain as its accessory, we should decide an appropriate location, shape, and model of the rods or curtain pole. Curtain pole or rods are media where the curtain should be installed on well. In this case, we should know the basic design of the rod firstly before applying the window treatment to beautify the windows. As everybody knows, curtains rods designs are different from one to the others. And it must follow the design of the windows and home interior design of course. That’s why here in this article, we will discuss the basic design of windows rods which commonly found anywhere with its window treatment. The basic shape of window rods is like a pole. It is circular as like tiny wood log. And it is commonly installed horizontally above the windows. And it may be attached on French, minimalist glass even wooden glass with shutters of windows. Curtain rods are typically made of wood and light metal or also known as aluminum. Ideally, this window treatment complement is designed to hold any curtain style. And when the curtain is installed on, there must be hooks hanging on the curtain rods.

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Curtains rods designs are able to be more elegant with various models to choose. Artistic wooden curtain rods look elegant with classic and traditional accent. This kind of curtain rod is typically chosen to complete drapery curtain in luxury Edwardian house. In Victorian house, this kind of circle rod is covered by gold, bronze or silver scheme to follow the old fashioned accent in the house.

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Published on November 6, 2012
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