How to have a cozy living room

How to have a cozy living room

How to have a cozy living room

The living room is the one room of the house that should absolutely ooze of coziness and warmth. Indeed, this is the place where you will receive and entertain your guests. Hence, it’s extremely important to make your guests feel welcome and at home.

While contemporary furniture and color combinations tend to look just a little bit intimidating and cold, you can always add some heart-warming accents and accessories that will bring a pronounced touch of coziness to your room.

Go natural

Nothing screams coziness more than some natural textures and fabrics. You will notice that rustic or Country cottages are full of natural accessories and accents, which is one of the main reasons behind their overt coziness.

So, don’t hesitate to add some natural touches even if you favor a more modern approach. For example, you can very enhance your living room decoration with some tall bamboo stems in a large wooden vase.How to have a cozy living roomAlternatively, you may also use some linen curtains, as well as some crochet throws and cushions for your couch.

Bear in mind that wrought iron, glass, wood, and wicker are other materials that will never fail to bring a cozy feel to your living room. How to have a cozy living room

Focal point

A very easy way to bring some coziness to your living room is to create a focal point that will instantly draw your guests’ attention away from the more contemporary objects and furniture. For instance, a stone fireplace paired with a well-accessorized mantelpiece will instantly bring a welcoming feel to the living room, particularly during the cold winter days.

How to have a cozy living room

In that case, you may even go all the way and place a couple of plush toys, snow globs, candles or even your kids’ school drawings right on the mantle. Otherwise, you can also decorate this space by lining up your favorite family pictures.

How to have a cozy living room

In fact, family pictures can come quite handy if you wish to bring some coziness and appeal to your living room: for example, you can use an entire wall to display as many family pictures as possible. Just make sure that they are encased in elegant, silver or brass frames. If you do decide to create such an accent wall, try to tone down on other decors in order to avoid an overwhelming feel. 


Of course, colors play a vital role in adding some coziness to your living room. But, contrary to what many people think, you don’t necessarily have to re-do your walls. You can, instead, add some splashes of cozy colors through rugs, lampshades, and the likes.

Your cozy color palette should imperatively include white, peach, pink, beige, yellow, cream, forest green and warm, caramel brown. How to have a cozy living room

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