Italian Leather Sofa for Rustic European Living Room

Another classic Victorian home interior style is displayed crystal clearly in a Rustic European living room. This rustic European living room style offers such traditional French concept on every single part of the room. And Italian leather sofa becomes gorgeous furniture set in the middle living room. As like the other leather sofa that we have been discussed in the previous article, Italian sofa with leather is designed simply in neutral color scheme. The Italian accent is clearly shown on the sofa color scheme and accent.

Italian Leather Sofa Sample
Huge and chubby design of the Italian leather sofa makes it unique in the living room interior look. In dark brown color, this kind of European furniture is warm enough for the whole part of the living room interior. This dark brown color scheme on the Italian sofa seems similar with the dark wood on the fireplace or logs on the ceiling. Those materials combination gives such deep traditional and country scent in this Rustic European living room. This dark brown leather sofa will look perfect in a living room with brick wall on the whole wall part as well as the fireplace. Other sample of Italian leather sofa comes in more modern design concept. It is in white, red, black and cream. The design is basically similar with the Italian sofa in rustic European living room. There will be padded accent on the sofa backrest to emphasize the bubble texture on the sofa. The padded accent attaches some buttons to create such darker scheme on the sofa when the lighting touches it. Other sample in the picture shows a white leather sofa with clear texture for the most comfortable seat in the living room. This leather sofa looks glorious with dark stained wood on the legs.

Italian Leather Sofa Picture

Italian Leather Sofa Idea
Long Italian leather sofa in white is located in the living room. There is a chair with similar concept as the sofa is located in the right side of the long sofa. Both sofas are adorable in white and dark brown accent on the legs. It is suitable alternative to make a focal point in the dark living room or in the other way around though the living room is not in rustic European style.

Italian Leather Sofa Design

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Italian Leather Sofa SampleItalian Leather Sofa IdeaItalian Leather Sofa PictureItalian Leather Sofa Design
Published on November 27, 2012
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