Orange and Brown Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom is definitely a room inside the house that should be thought about. There are many interior home decoration ideas to choose. And bedroom has its own style to suit the whole house decoration. Orange and brown bedroom style is great idea to create a warm bedroom. This bedroom style uses orange and brown scheme combination on furniture, wall, ceiling, flooring and accessories. Well, you must have imagined it, don’t you? So, what does your orange brown bedroom look like?

Orange and Brown Bedroom Picture

Decorating a bedroom involves a method to make it calm in color and illumination. This decorating method is imperative to support the bedroom function. As a resting area in the house, bedroom should apply soft and warm color on the wall such as orange and brown. But in this case, how to make those colors look more attractive and energizing simply is the basic idea to discuss in this article. And now, let’s start it from room wall decorating ideas. If you want to make the bedroom brighter and cool, white is the best neutral color to apply. This hue is able to apply on the ceiling and some items on the bedroom such as photo frames, table lamp, and bookshelves. Wood plank flooring can be a perfect choice to emphasize the brown accent in the orange and brown bedroom. Wooden furniture for the bedroom is also appropriate to think about. Orange is such strong and energizing color, but this color is also able to be pretty soft at night with proper illumination. Furthermore, this sun bright color can attract fresh feeling when you are waking up in the morning.

Orange and Brown Bedroom Modern

Orange and Brown Bedroom Inspiration

Orange on the entire wall in the bedroom is good. If you are creative enough, creating a focal point on a center wall behind the bed should be gorgeous. Choose orange wallpaper with bold and big pattern, and then apply it on the center wall as bedroom focal point. Well, you may choose different layout for the color location. The strong accent of orange is also perfect on the POP false ceiling, whereas the brown takes a place on the wall and floor. White is the best to highlight the furniture in the orange and brown bedroom.

Orange and Brown Bedroom Ideas

Orange and Brown Bedroom 2012

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Orange and Brown Bedroom 2012Orange and Brown Bedroom IdeasOrange and Brown Bedroom InspirationOrange and Brown Bedroom PictureOrange and Brown Bedroom Modern
Published on November 5, 2012
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