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Having free space on the attic area is kind of perfect thing you have. Well, don’t even think to use that fabulous space only for something pointless. Planning a smart storage for all clothes collection in this attic area is a good idea. Short attic closet ideas certainly become enormous idea to consider. It is a smart storage idea that is very functional especially if you don’t have much space anymore in your bedroom. As like other closet that located in the bedroom, short attic closet has similar concept of kits.

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Let’s begin this smart storage discussion. The first thing that you have to think about is the attic space. Most attic rooms are built in long rectangular shape. It mostly is not divided by wall or room divider. Knowing this fact, installing hanging racks in two sides of the rectangular short attic space will work better. Well, it still depends on your clothes collection actually. If you have too many dresses to hang, hanging them on the hanging racks will help you to maintain and organize them well. Don’t forget to place also a set of cabinets for the folding clothes, ties, hats and underwear collection. Having short attic closet ideas at home are kind of pleasant hobby for you. In fact, those who have more clothes collection will be really helpful with this closet concept. You are exactly allowed to store your clothes based on its colors, occasions, seasonal style, the oldest to the trendiest, and many more storing ideas. Create this private room as your wish. If you are creative enough, beautifying it with wallpaper and mural can be an attractive idea to consider.

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To make the short attic closet ideas more comfortable, warm carpet is perfect to cover the entire flooring space. If the is wall pillar in the middle of attic room, cover it with floor to ceiling mirrors. It means this functional closet is also able to be a huge fitting room for you. Bright illumination is essential for closet and fitting room. It will help you to see whether you appearance good or bad in certain clothes.

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Published on November 11, 2012
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