Unique Shelf Ideas for Minimalist Home

Unique shelf ideas seem to be ideal project to prepare especially when we are going to decorate a minimalist living space. A house must be perfectly chic and comfortable to live in. So, decorating it beautifully will improve the quality of healthy living space. Make it effective and efficient is a good method to decorate the house. And shelves are perfect wall mounted furniture to pick in this situation.

Corner Unique Shelf Ideas

Shelves for book or decorative items are crucial to ensure the tidiness of a living space. We must keep the house clean and organized by utilizing shelves on the wall. This method can perfectly work to create effective space especially in a small house whatever the design it is. Currently, creating an effective house with unique interior decorative is able to be pretty creative to conduct. And unique shelf ideas offer many designs to select following the latest trend of home decorating style. The first problem that usually found in decorating a house is limited space. Sometimes, we must be smarter to make spacious and adorable living space. Benefiting a free corner space in a small living room is perfect idea. Vertical zigzag hanging shelf looks unique and functional. This corner shelf is perfect to store books collection and decorative items such as figurine, funny cups, dolls and many more. This unique corner shelf is in orange. And it looks elegant contrasting the brighter backdrop wall.

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Unique Shelf Ideas 2012

Other ideas of unique shelves are intentionally designed as compact as possible. It is located on a wall side next to teenager’s bed. Orange and yellow look suitable representing summer theme in this bedroom. The unique shelf ideas applied in the teenager’s bedroom is functional. It offers several different areas with different function to fill. Lower area on the wall next to bed headboard is designed as wall mounted bedside. It is used to store a table lamp for bedroom illumination. Upper shelves above this bedside are used as books storage. The upper area next to the bed foot is used to locate unique clock. And finally, the lower under the clock is useful as writing desk.

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Published on November 5, 2012
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