Window Blinds and Shades for Minimalist Window Treatment

Every house must needs windows as basic home building complements. Besides door as a door way, window is functional as house part to keep the air circulated well inside the house. Window is also useful to give the house natural illumination from sunlight outside the house. Unfortunately, with the windows installed in every room in the house, we also should apply window treatment to give us little private space inside the house. There are many types of window treatment. Curtain is the most famous window treatment at home. Window blinds and shades are simpler alternative for residence window treatment.

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The window blinds and shades have different design from the curtain. If the curtain is commonly made of cloth or fabric, window blind is made of wood. The shades for window are generally made of paper or similar material to give shade on the window glass. Window blind is made of wood with rolling system of operation. It is just like rolling door for garage in smaller and slighter shape. There will be little distance between the wooden planks to allow small scale of light from outside coming into the room through it. If you want more light coming into the house, you only have to pull the hanging strap off and then the blind will roll up to let the light spread inside the room. Window blind is not always made of wood actually. Nowadays, it also comes in plastic with various colors to fit the room interior wall scheme. Besides the window blinds, window shades become a great choice to make your house blocked from day light naturally.

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The basic concept of window blinds and shades is giving little privacy for the house as minimalist as possible. It means both blinds and shades don’t require much space or crowd accent in the house while doing their duty as window treatment. People even prefer to choose window shades to block the light from inside. Of course it is not simple to take it off from the window since it is stuck on the window glass as like the second coat of glass.

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Window Blinds and Shades WhiteWindow Blinds and Shades IdeasWindow Blinds and Shades InspirationWindow Blinds and Shades Image
Published on January 10, 2013
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